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Geneva talks tomorrow: EU must lead to uphold peace


Following a European Parliament plenary debate on Ukraine today, 16.4.2014, in Strasbourg, ahead of a final resolution tomorrow, MEP Tarja Cronberg states:

'The destabilization in Ukraine continues with an alarming speed. The four-party negotiations in Geneva between Ukraine, Russia, EU, and US tomorrow will be crucial. It is time that the EU will make everything possible to ensure that these strategic talks will be constructive and bring Russia and Ukraine together to a negotiating table.'

'We are risking entering a period where the commitment to peace and territorial integrity of states in Europe is seriously questioned. The situation in Ukraine shows that international agreements and international organizations built to keep peace in Europe become irrelevant. This will have a major devastating effect. The disregarding of the Budapest agreement of 1994 by Russia may lead to spread of nuclear weapons. Isolating Russia as a response to this situation will be as unsustainable as Russia's own anti-Western overtures. A long-lasting peace in Ukraine, and indeed on the entire European continent, cannot be ensured without Russia's commitment to it.'

'The EU should show to Russia that it is serious and unified about its readiness to impose further sanctions. The sanctions would work best as a warning to Russia, should it choose confrontation. But the EU's choice should be univocally towards a diplomatic solution based on the Geneva four-party talks.'

MEP Tarja Cronberg is a member of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, its subcommittee on Security and Defence and Chair of the Iran delegation

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