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Finland and Sweden should stay out of NATO


Commenting ahead of the debate 'Norden och freden' (The Nordic Countries and Peace) commencing at the Åland Islands' Peace Institute today, 28.3.2014, Tarja Cronberg, MEP, stated:

'Nato is a military alliance. Nato is not complementing the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), it is competing with it. Against the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine, we need conflict prevention, not militarization, new contradictions or issues creating confrontation. Consequently, Finland and Sweden should not join Nato.'

'The EU has to develop its own defence cooperation. This can be linked to crisis management and there are resources available for it. After all, the EU member states have the second largest army in the world and, taken together, spend nearly 200 billion euro on their defence each year. The resources should be reprioritized to get more for less money. Defence cooperation will create spirit of community among member states, which is needed for keeping the union together.'

'The Nordic countries are an excellent example. Just 10 years ago it was impossible to even mention defence cooperation in the Nordic Council. Today, it is the most dynamic element in co-operation among the Nordic countries. Take, for example, the Stoltenberg report which was published a few years ago. Or joint defence acquisitions, marine monitoring and joint military exercises.'

Tarja Cronberg, MEP, is a member of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, its subcommittee on Security and Defence, the Russia delegation and Chair of the Iran delegation

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