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Following the EU Foreign Ministers' Council on 03.03.2014 and the statement of Vladimir Putin on 04.03.2014, Tarja Cronberg, MEP states:

'The most important conclusion of these two days is that all sides have chosen diplomacy as the means to proceed forward. The next step is a rapid deployment of the OSCE observers to Ukraine. These international observers will provide inclusive and neutral assessment of the evaluation in the Crimea, as well as Ukraine's eastern regions. The EU should urge both Russia and Ukraine to cooperate with the OSCE as much as possible. '

'I commend the unity of the EU leaders in giving their strong support to the government of Ukraine. This support should be tangible and swift in order to contribute to the recovery of Ukraine's economy. EU's assistance must contribute to building a truly democratic, transparent and inclusive Ukrainian state.'

'I commend the decision of the acting president Turchinov to postpone the signing of the newly adopted law on languages in Ukraine.'

MEP Tarja Cronberg is a member of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, its Subcommittee on Security and Defence and the Russia delegation.

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