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Armed Drones


EP speaks out against illegal use of armed drones

Commenting on today's adoption of a European Parliament resolution the use of armed drones – a green initiative, the Greens/EFA spokesperson on human rights and chair of the EP Human Rights subcommittee, Barbara Lochbihler, stated:

'At long last, the EP has woken up to the thousands of civilian victims of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and beyond. The resolution adopted today by all major political groups clearly condemns the practice of targeted killings from the skies outside a declared war zone, as well as the use of armed drones in war situations outside of the international legal framework. It calls for a comprehensive policy response at EU level to meet the legal, ethical and security challenges posed by the increasing use of drones, including the urgent need to secure complete transparency and accountability. The resolution also stresses that EU Member States should strictly refrain from participating in or facilitating extrajudicial targeted killings, for instance by sharing relevant information with countries such as the USA.

The Greens/EFA spokesperson on security and defence, Tarja Cronberg, adds:

'Until now the market for armed drones has grown fast and in an unregulated manner. Millions of EU research money have been spent and there are plans by the Commission and the EU Member States to spend even more for the development of an EU drone programme. Today's vote calls on the Council and the Commission to urgently develop a legal framework which regulates the use of drones and aims at preventing an arms race. We also stress the need to integrate armed drones in relevant European and international arms control regimes and to stop research and development on fully automatic weapons which kill without human intervention.'

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