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Finland Should Offer to Moderate the Conflict in Ukraine, Says PN Member Tarja Cronberg


Author: Tarja Cronberg.

February 19, 2014

Following the escalation of violence in Ukraine, PN Member Tarja Cronberg MEP comments:

'I express my condolences to all victims of the crisis in the streets of Kiev and I strongly condemn the use of violence.'

'The targeted EU sanctions against the authorities involved in human rights violations will be a just measure, but a more robust diplomatic involvement is needed to resolve the conflict.'

'The EU might be too big and too slow to negotiate a viable solution. There is also a lack of confidence in the EU's Eastern Partnership, initially meant to prevent instability in the neighbourhood. The EU urgently needs to rethink its neighbourhood strategy, its relations with Ukraine and its strategic partnership with Russia. This will take time and require an intensive high-level debate.'

'Right now, we need a flexible and proactive moderator, able to bring all sides together within Ukraine, as well as build mutual understanding and commitment between the EU, Russia, and other international actors. Finland, as a member state of the EU and OSCE, with good relations with all the regional powers, could offer itself as diplomatic moderator.'

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