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Landmark deal a diplomatic success for EU



Landmark deal a diplomatic success for EU

Commenting on the successful outcome of the latest talks in Geneva on Iran's nuclear programme, Green MEP and chair of the European Parliament's Iran delegation, MEP Tarja Cronberg said:

'This agreement is a major diplomatic success in a situation where mutual distrust has lasted for decades and a military threat has been imminent. This deal is a major success for EU foreign policy and vindicates the hard work of high representative Ashton. It is a first step however, with many opponents and critics, but a necessary step, which paves the way for further cooperation and a lasting agreement in the interest of all parties.

'Ending the isolation of Iran has an impact on the power balance in the Middle-East, with regional tensions already being felt. This will clearly take major diplomatic effort but it can have a vital impact on other acute problems in the region, such as the war in Syria and drug trafficking. It will also hopefully have a positive impact on the human rights situation in Iran. A crucial concrete provision is the establishment of a humanitarian bank, which will enable Iranian citizens to afford basic staples, like medication for severe illnesses. However, we hope it will also have knock-on impact on rights and freedoms in Iran.'

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