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Ending Iran's isolation


Tarja Cronberg:
Ending Iran's isolation

Chair of the European Parliament's Iran delegation, MEP Tarja Cronberg, welcomes the successful outcome of the talks in Geneva on Iran's nuclear programme.

'A diplomatic solution is a great success in a situation where mutual distrust has lasted for decades and a military threat has been imminent. Even phone calls matter!'

'This was a first step. Those against it are many: the hawks in the US Congress and the hardliners in the Iranian leadership, Israel and Saudi Arabia. But it was a necessary step, paving the way for mutual cooperative work, the actual stepping stones still ahead. However, it was in the interest of all parties to find a first agreement.'

Ending the isolation of Iran has an impact on the power balance in the Middle-East, but also on the human rights situation in Iran.

'It can already be felt: the strong dissent and resistance by Israel and Saudi Arabia are signs of an upcoming power struggle, a rift among US allies difficult for Washington to balance. The diplomatic outcome will hopefully help to solve other acute problems in the region, such as Afghanistan and drug trafficking. When tensions ease in Iran, the human rights situation will hopefully improve as well.'

At this stage, the benefit of the agreement for ordinary Iranians will be the establishment of a humanitarian bank, enabling them to e.g. buy medication for severe illnesses.

Tarja Cronberg: + 358 50 3964000

MEP Tarja Cronberg is Chair of the European Parliament's Iran delegation and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and its subcommittee for Security and Defence.

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