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Enough of Talvivaara Disasters - Conflicting Interests in Mining and Resource Use


Greens/EFA seminar in Rovaniemi

The members of the European Parliament Satu Hassi and Tarja Cronberg wish to warmly welcome you to the seminar “Enough of Talvivaara Disasters -
Conflicting Interests in Mining and Resource Use”.

9th November 2013

Valtuustosali, Hallituskatu 7, Rovaniemi

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10.00 Coffee

10.20 Opening remarks Tarja Cronberg, MEP

10.25 Keynote Speech Cindy Vestergaard

10.45 I session: From uranium mining to nuclear weapons

Chair: Tarja Cronberg
Kati Juva Lääkärien sosiaalinen vastuu
Humanitarian impacts of uranium, nuclear accidents and nuclear weapons

Cindy Vestergaard Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies
Uranium fuel cycle and the risks related to uranium trade

Jari Natunen Environmental expert for mining movements, Biochemist, PhD

Janne Kumpulainen Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto Kainuu, Director
Uranium mining in Finland - what went wrong in Talvivaara?

Mika Flöjt Researcher, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
Uranium mining seeing from the perspective of the unique problems in the northern hemisphere

12:45 Lunch

13.45 II session: The transformation to socially sustainable mining communities

Chair: Satu Hassi

Jonas Eriksson MP Swedish Green Party
Indigenous peoples' rights conflicting with mining industry and prospective shale gas fracking

Satu Haapanen MP Green League Finland

The legal starting points of sustainable mining

Prospects of exploiting the resource efficiency in the mining industry

Joanna Kuntonen van 't Riet, Person in charge of environmental and security issues, Northland Mines Oy
Prerequisites for a socialy sustainable mining

15.45 Closing remarks Satu Hassi, MEP

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