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EP supports opening of EU delegation in Iran


The European Parliament supports the opening of an EU delegation in Iran

Tarja Cronberg, MEP (Greens):

'I welcome the adoption today of the European Parliament's plenary motion in support of establishing an EU delegation in Iran. There is a window of opportunity for the EU to be seized in order to formulate its own policy towards Iran. The EU needs a comprehensive policy approach to its future relations with Iran.'

When voting on the Common Foreign and Security Policy report the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg today adopted an amendment reiterating its demand for the opening of an EU delegation in Iran.

'The EU should strengthen the dialogue with Iran on important issues, such as human rights, drug-trafficking and the conflict in Syria.' says Tarja Cronberg.

MEP Tarja Cronberg is head of the European Parliament's Iran delegation and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and its sub-committee on Security and Defence.

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