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Cronberg: Rouhani's victory raises hopes for an opening for a more cooperative Iran


The victory of Mr. Rouhani opens an important new chapter for Iran. The new President will face an extremely difficult task given the current economic situation in the country, and the high expectations of the Iranian people says Ms. Tarja Cronberg, the head of the delegation for Relations with Iran in European Parliament.

'Mr Rouhani's victory is a signal and should provide for an opening for a more cooperative Iran. His experience in international negotiations and nuclear issues will certainly be very helpful in his position as Iran's new president. As E3+3 negotiations are set to resume after the elections it is crucial that Iran's new leadership shows readiness to continue the talks on its nuclear programme as soon as possible.'

'As Iran's new president Mr. Rouhani will also be in a position to improve the human rights situation in particular related to death penalty and freedom of the media.'

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