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The situation in Kazakhstan

Täysistuntopuhe vihreän ryhmän puolesta 18.4.2013

Mr President,

Kazakhstan is an increasingly important international partner in the region, and also for the EU. I especially note their support during the recent talks with Iran, and also their proposal to establish an international fuel bank in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan also has an ambition to act as mediator and facilitator in international security issues. However, the Kazakh authorities need to respect the international commitments they have signed up to, including the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.

Kazakhstan’s political role in the region cannot grow when there is such discord with the international principles of transparency, human rights and the rule of law. We are very concerned by the detentions of opposition leaders, journalists and lawyers on the basis of trials which fall short of international standards. The charges against these people are very vague and could be considered to be politically motivated.

We would like to call on the Kazakh authorities to follow through with the enforcement of the existing human rights action plan, which draws on the recommendations of the Venice Commission, and to make use of EU technical assistance under the Rule of Law Initiative.

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