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MEP Cronberg on North Korea: We need to intensify efforts for nuclear disarmament worldwide


'The nuclear test conducted by North Korea in February shows on very concrete level that more needs to be done to avoid growing nuclear proliferation risk', says MEP Tarja Cronberg (Greens/EFA). European Parliament condemned the missile activities carried out by North Korea and demanded that it abstains from further tests in a resolution adopted on Thursday.

MEP Tarja Cronberg underlines the need to intensify efforts for nuclear disarmament worldwide while condemning the announcement of the North Korean government that the country reserves its right to carry out a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

'If the nuclear weapons states, including some of our EU members, stop maintaining the link between their status and the possession of nuclear weapons, there will be less incentive for countries who want to boost their international standing to do so by acquiring a nuclear arsenal. North Korea is one of them.'

'Nuclear weapons are outdated and they have lost their deterring function for the permanent members of the Security Council but they pose a growing proliferation risk. Therefore, five nuclear weapon's states should lead the example with unilateral reductions of their arsenals as required by Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) This would also strengthen the treaty and make it more credible.'

North Korea conducted the latest nuclear test on 12 February.

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