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MEP Tarja Cronberg on Iran nuclear negotiations: Small step forward but still a long way to go


Tarja Cronberg, Chair of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Iran sees the outcome of the E3+3 nuclear negotiations in Almaty, Kazakhstan as a small positive sign of common will to reach an agreement.

'It is important that the negotiating powers did not only agree to have technical talks on 18 March but also set a clear date for the new E3+3 negotiations on 5-6 April in Kazakhstan. This can be seen as a commitment to maintain the discussion momentum and to consider the suggestions tabled during the negotiations this week.

'However, time is running out. April is very close to Iranian presidential elections which will be held in June. Therefore, the talks in April will be of crucial importance. The agreement on a new date of talks must not simply mean buying more time. I call on both parties to use all diplomatic means to take steps forward during the weeks ahead.'

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