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MEP Tarja Cronberg on upcoming Iran negotiations: "Don't close without an agreement"


Tarja Cronberg, Chair of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Iran, welcomes the announcement resumption of next E3+3 negotiations on Iran nuclear programme in Kazakhstan on 26 February but stresses that an agreement needs to be reached now.

'The E3+3 negotiators must formulate an offer to Iran which would become basis for an agreement suitable for everyone. Such agreement should first and foremost ensure that the Iranian nuclear programme does not lead to a proliferation of nuclear weapons in Iran and in the region.'

'In order to achieve this agreement, a possibility of lifting sanctions should be put on the table. The negotiating powers should consider lifting particularly those sanctions that have so far produced the worst impact on wellbeing on Iranians.'

'In its turn, Iran should show commitment to dispel in earnest the justified concerns of the international community regarding the secrecy and non-transparency of its nuclear programme.'

Ms. Cronberg strongly encourages the EU to use its all diplomatic recourses to facilitate an agreement with Iran. 'I hope that Mrs Ashton as Convener will make the best use if her double role as a convener of the E3+3 talks and the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs.'

The window of opportunity for a diplomatic breakthrough is indeed very narrow as several rounds of negotiations held last year ended in an impasse. 'First we waited for presidential elections in the US, but now we are only months away from Iranian presidential elections in June. The negotiations must cease the new date in February and they should not close without an agreement,' remarks Cronberg.

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