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Cronberg: The tensions in Middle East make the UN Helsinki conference urgent


The UN Conference on the WMD-free Middle East, scheduled to take place in Helsinki in December 2012, has been postponed. The decision was taken by the three convenors of the conference and the Non-Proliferation Treaty founding members - the US, the UK, and Russia. The tense regional geopolitical situation and the unwillingness of some countries to participate in the conference were cited as the main reasons behind this decision.

Tarja Cronberg, MEP and Chair of Iran Delegation of the EP states:

'I regret that the conference is not taking place as planned in December. However the process should not stop here. The worsening security situation and multiplying tensions in the Middle East are exactly why such conference should take place as soon as possible. There is a need for confidence building measures and the process could have been started with this conference. Russia has called for the conference to be organised before April 2013. It is good that the convenors show strong commitment to the conference despite postponement'.

'I welcome the side event 'The Middle East without Weapons of Mass Destruction - Civil Society Input' which will however take the place 14-16 December. This event underlines the urgency of the process', adds Cronberg.

More information on 'The Middle East without Weapons of Mass Destruction - Civil Society Input' event:

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