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MEP Cronberg on Iran negotiations outcome: Technical meeting in July to be used to formulate compromise


The negotiations on Iran's nuclear programme ended in Moscow on Tuesday without result. MEP Tarja Cronberg regrets the outcome, but welcomes the opportunity to continue technical negotiations in Istanbul on 3 July.

Cronberg comments:
- The evaluation that the negotiations have been interpreted as a total failure and the technical negotiations are only seen as a cosmetic measure is too pessimistic. The technical questions concerning the nuclear programme would be easy to solve. The problem is the political side - building of trust and interpretation of the NPT treaty.

She adds:
- The upcoming Istanbul negotiations have to be used for formulating compromises on a more technical level by experts from both parties. It seems that in political negotiations the partners could not make the move from their initial positions.

Furthermore, Cronberg warns:
- Even the fact that we have now seen three rounds of talks is progress. Before this the negotiators could not even be brought to the same negotiating table. All sides have to sustain from military actions. The effects of a military strike would be massive and would just accelerate Iran's nuclear programme and the spread of nuclear arms in the Middle East.

MEP Tarja Cronberg is a member of the European Parliament and the chair of the European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran

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