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Parliament calls for a robust UN Arms Trade Treaty


Today EP has adopted a very strong position on Arms Trade Treaty. It will certainly support to the EU member states and the EU delegation as they are preparing for two tough weeks of UN negotiations on Arms Trade Treaty. Today arms trade remains a 'gray area' with very little international regulation and public access. There are more than 40 UN Member States that have neither a national regulatory framework for the control of arms transfers nor do they comply with any regional or international norms. At the same time 747 000 people are killed by armed violence every year. 1,500 people are killed every day in conflict and armed violence.

- The adopted resolution is good news for all of us who wish to have a strong and robust arms trade treaty which requires member states to deny exports in case there is a serious risk of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, comments Tarja Cronberg MEP, and Spokesperson for the Greens on Security and Defence.

- This is a good day also for the Greens because we managed to get through most of our important proposals including the anti-corruption mechanisms and the inclusion of Dual Use goods into the ATT. Nowadays the distinction between military and civilian security items does not exist any more. Most of the relevant military and civilian security goods have the same high tech components. Unfortunately we lost a very important amendment on the role of civil society organisations and their access to the mechanisms of implementation of the treaty, regrets Cronberg.

- The access of the NGOs and wider public to such issue as an arms trade is crucial and we need to strengthen it not only in the framework of the global ATT but also at home in the EU, she adds.

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