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MEP Cronberg on Baghdad talks with Iran: Continuing negotiations is a good sign


The negotiations between Iran and six countries ended without concrete result in Baghdad. Member of the European Parliament and chair of the EP's Iran delegation regrets that the talks ended without an agreement resolving the controversies over Iran's nuclear program.

- It is however a good sign that a new round of talks is set. It was not clear that this would be the case. Now we have to do everything that we can in order to avoid both Iran becoming a nuclear-armed power and military strikes, says Cronberg.

Cronberg urges all the parties to show good will on the issues outside the negotiations.

- It is crucial to show good will in order to build confidence. Sucesss depends on mutual trust which so far has been lacking. Iran is a very significant part of the international community, where problems have to be solved through negotiations, Cronberg adds.

The EU high representative of foreign affairs Catherine Ashton announced that the next round of talks with Iran will be held in Moscow the 18yh-19th June.

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