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Speech on Iran at the plenary session


The green group expresses its grave concerns of tense situation in Gulf region and supports the new EU sanctions towards Iran. Many of us are however also very concerned of their possible negative effects on the Iranian population.

The Parliament's opinion has always been that there cannot be a military solution to the nuclear conflict with Iran. We should not leave any ambiguity about this point.

The EU has a dual-track approach of sanctions and negotiations. With the heavy new sanctions in place, time has now come to make steps towards finding new openings for dialogue. The Iranians have also said that they are willing.

We strongly urge all the parties to negotiate seriously and without preconditions.

Iran and the West (or E3+3) have taken turns in rejecting each others offers for compromise and several opportunities have been missed because the phases of goodwill between E3+3 and Iran were not synchronized. I hope this will not the case in the future.

One of those historical errors happened when the E3+3 rejected Iran's nuclear deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil and set up new sanctions. Now we as greens express our serious hope that the negotiations will resume for example in Turkey and we wish that Brazil could be included in the negotiating team.

We call on Vice-president Ashton in this very dangerous path to escalation to be more audacious. Negotiations should be offered without preconditions from either side. If we manage to continue negotiations, it could then open a new historical window to a nuclear weapon-free Middle East. That the EU should support actively the UN conference will set out a road map for this process.

The Greens think that the EU should also show a good example and give up nuclear energy, as Germany has already decided. The example of Iran clearly shows, there is no way to clearly separate nuclear activities for civilian use and the use of the same technologies for military aims.

A goodwill gesture showing the EU's readiness for dialogue could be to finally open an EU representation in Tehran. And Iran should receive security guarantees. It is very difficult to bring a country to the negotiating table under a permanent threat of war.

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