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In the European Parliament (2011-2014) I worked as a Chair of Iran delegation and a member of the Committees for Foreign Affairs (AFET) and Security and Defence (SEDE). I was a Spokesperson on Security and Defence for the Greens in the EP. I was also a substitute member of the Russia delegation and of the NATO delegation.

Here are a few of the issues
I focus on in my work:

The European Idea

The European Parliament should actively contribute to developing further EU's common security and defence policy (CSDP). European defence should be a common priority for the member states.

Nuclear disarmament

Disarmament process should include tactical nuclear weapons. Russian and NATO tactical nuclear weapons should be removed from Europe.

Middle East and nuclear security

I strongly support the idea of a nuclear free Middle East. I believe dialogue and effective diplomacy is key to resolving security issues in the region.

The EU and Russia

The EU needs to formulate a proactive and constructive policy towards Russia.

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